Yunho and boa dating

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Gyuri spontaneously asked Eunhyuk, “By any chance, are you interested in me?

”Eunhyuk suddenly flustered and the MCs forced him to answer but he couldn’t.

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Five years after the previous rumor had passed, another rumor rose to the surface.

Bo A (23 at that time) was seen spending time in a club in Japan along with her fellow celebrity friend, Crystal Kay when Akanishi Jin (a member of ‘KAT-TUN’) also made an appearance there.

Akanishi and Bo A were then caught dancing together and displaying gestures that were almost too intimate for friends to do.

Bo A also ever said that the first time they debuted they became so awkward.

But then Eunhyuk texted Bo A, “When will be we met to speak more comfortable? According to the relationships issues among them, they confirmed that they are just best-friend.

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