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Porn 2.0, named after "Web 2.0", refers to pornographic websites featuring user-generated content.Sites may include social networking media including features such as user-based categorizing, webcam hosting, blogs and comments.If you don't, you'll reduce your scene count from over 60,000 to just 150.That's not a good number at all if you want to see hot twinks fucking!This is in contrast to the static content offered by "Web 1.0" porn sites.Porn 2.0 sites may offer features similar to mainstream Web 2.0 services such as video communities (Metacafe, Vimeo, You Tube) and social sites (Tumblr, Twitter), general blogging, (Blogger, Daily Booth, Lookbook.nu) and photo hosting (Flickr, Photobucket, Picasa).

is a proud member of the Pornhub Network of free tube sites. All the clips on X tube are broken down nicely into specific categories.

However, by June 2010 it had fallen out of the top 100.

Its popularity has been ascribed to its non-sexual name. The site's database was accessed and temporarily shut down by Turkish hackers in February 2008.

All of the scenes are user-submitted, meaning you're going to be getting the cream of the crop when it comes to amateur pornography.

I should also note that after hitting the website, be sure to select 'I like males' to get the full range of twink videos.

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