Www dating bucket

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And sometimes, being single is just what's best for you.

Having a partner will come in its due time if that's what you're looking for, but if you're still in that phase of your life where you're flying solo, whether by choice or not, it's time to think of the single world as your oyster.

Whatever it is, night's spent in with yourself, some TV, and a pint of cookie dough are a complete possibility. Trying a holistic approach to your health that allows you to cope with the stress of your day is always a good idea, and when you're completely focused on yourself, it's a possibility.

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It may be true that the rest of the world may be trying to get you into a relationship ASAP – archaic mentalities that are still stuck in the 1950s still believe that the only way someone can feel fulfilled is if they have a partner.

And yeah, being in love is a wonderful thing, but the beauty of being alone is way too underrated.

Dating and relationships are downright expensive, but when you're on your own, you're free to spend that money you would be using on an unnecessary anniversary present for yourself.

My vice has always been makeup and skincare products, so the moment I get my pay check, I blow a decent chunk on a great face mask or lipstick.

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