Who is thurston moore dating

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Then Sonic Youth would come out, and we play the most fucked-up music.

We’re squares; the most straight band is playing the most unstraight music.

“When she was born, it was announced on MTV, you know.

” (Prinz and I have a few friends in common—six or seven years ago I had a small, drunken Thanksgiving with her—but I haven’t seen her much since she had a child, married a very nice furniture designer with Dutch royal blood in 2009, and subsequently moved to London.) Moore, out of self-defense plus gallantry, just ended up egging on his prosecutors when he labeled Jezebel’s critique “gender fascism” and “imperialist blather” on his Facebook page.

Moore, holding his plastic bag of newly purchased old books, walks north with me on Avenue A, toward Tompkins Square Park.

When we were on Lollapalooza in ’95, when she was just learning how to walk, there were all these completely insane bands around us: Courtney Love, Hole, the Jesus Lizard.

But onstage, they play the most straight-ahead post-punk rock music.

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