Who is judge hatchett dating

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Attorney or lawyer and actress who preceded over seven seasons of ' Divorce Court' and also appeared as a judge in numerous of "Tyler Perry's" famous Madea movies, who also served as a correctional officer Mablean Ephriam.

She was born in Hazlehurst, Mississippi on April 23, 1949, but grew up in Los Angeles, California, USA.

This lady married in 1962 with her age of thirteen and married to her childhood friend, Cassius Paxton.

Sadly there isn’t too much information and about her ex-husband.

Greetings Everyone, I just finished watching Judge Hatchett (Glenda).

There are a lot of people in the Black community who are noteworthy, honorable, etc who are not members of a BGLO and i applaud them for that. I definitely understood where you and Akatude were coming from.

Holyoke College and Emory School of Law, but it did not mention any professional or BGLO's. Echoing the sentiments, why is it that some people expect certain people who are "positive", "upstanding" "respectful" to be a member of a BGLO.

Let's talk about her investments, business and foundations.The “GUHH” star took to Instagram on Sunday evening and shared a picture of herself, Johnson and her toddler Sutton Joseph Tennyson spending the day together at Disney World.Simmons and Johnson walked side by side as the founder of “4Kira4Moms” pushed baby SJ in a stroller.She came to be a prosecuting attorney in Los Angeles a few years later and then was tapped to work as the judge on the reboot of ' Divorce Court,' while she also worked as the judge on the program from 1999-2006. Awards, an occurrence clasped every year on Father's Day to celebrate the achievements of everyday fathers.In addition to seeing on ' Divorce Court,' this lady has also perceived as a magistrate in much more of the movies of the "Madea" franchise, so she also runs H. Mablean is happily enjoying of her net worth of million dollars, with resplendent salary through her profession and works.

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