Who is grace jones dating

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However, Bishop Jones has said himself, he doesn't know who she is, though she's even made invitations.

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She took her role very seriously, so seriously in fact she put two stuntmen in the hospital.

Not only did she hobnob with some of the great queers of her gay day, she also lived a life that is the envy of any gay man.

Honestly, disco, Dolph and Divine — you’ve got all the D’s for a homotastic existence.

And that was just when they told her she couldn’t have her own makeup person on set. Dolph Continuing her love of giant, incredibly muscular white men, Grace Jones decided to form a master race with her then-bodyguard Dolph Lundgren — another childhood favorite, for very private reasons.

The two did the world a favor and posed for both in 1985.

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