Who is dating jerry trainor

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Since then, the actors have moved on to new projects, but what exactly have our favourite actors been up to since i Carly ended? After i Carly ended, Miranda vowed to continue her acting profession.Vinnie is a "real dude," Trainor said, whose time is spent on video games, comic books and looking for hot dates. "But that is all empty compared to doing something you genuinely enjoy, and this is that in spades." Will viewers see "it being Nickelodeon and me being the character of an (immature) person and go, 'Well, he's just doing 'i Carly' again,'" he said.The shared tragedy — Vinnie and Wilma lost a sibling, Wendell his mom and dad — provides emotional depth to the show, said Trainor: "We don't belabour it, but it's there." If "Wendell & Vinnie" scores with viewers, the actor could be comfortably employed for some time.But does he want to mix it up with weightier projects?She doesn’t really feel comfortable in social situations, in her class or with people her own age. It was great.” On her first adventure in Vancouver: “Our welcoming party, the first day that we all were in town, was at a place called The Afghan Horseman.

"That's not part of me that I have to do something dark to prove to people that I'm an actor. "Maybe later I'll want to show people the darker side. But right now, I'm having too much fan making people laugh.Beginning in 2007, i Carly went on to become one of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows.From its hilarious comedic elements to the heartwarming bond between best friends, Carly, Sam and Freddie, there’s no wonder why so many people still watch the teen sitcom despite the show ending in 2012.Trainor was born and raised in San Diego, California, the son of Bill Trainor and Madelyn (née Mc Nenly) Trainor.Trainor studied improv at the Groundlings school in Los Angeles. He also starred alongside i Carly co-star Jennette Mc Curdy in the Nickelodeon TV movie Best Player.

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