Who is ashley leggat dating 2016

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Unlike a traditional film, the cast and director worked together to create the story from script to screen.Seater and his business partner Paula Brancati (who also stars in the movie) developed the plot about a group of longtime friends spending a weekend together at a cottage, loosely crafting each character around each actor, then presenting the ideas to their friends.Ashley time and again makes a lovely post of her husband Jeremy and daughter on her Twitter. https://twitter.com/Ashley Leggat/status/887077353452695552 https://twitter.com/Ashley Leggat/status/886709652544684033 The couple is now extremely busy on taking care of the baby.

She went on to perform in several other productions, including The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe, Cinderella, Anne of Green Gables, Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, Jekyll And Hyde, and The Wizard of Oz.

"I was so lucky to have her there." Despite working on this project, Seater and Leggat don't get to see one another as often as they'd like.

But when they are able to get together, it feels as if nothing changed.

It's a good thing they're all such close friends, since filming involved two straight weeks of everyone cooped up in two small cabins, away from civilization, to work at all hours.

Seater described it as "a very rustic affair and #indie," and while it was a wonderful experience, no one had much privacy during production.

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