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Trim the budget: TV characters we want to get rid of As if Neal didn't have enough proof, James' actions spoke much louder than the kind father-son words he had been selling to Neal for weeks.

After Senator Pratt threatened James and pointed a gun at him, James shot and killed Pratt in cold blood.

As a distraction, Burke tussles with a snobby bidder, setting off the alarm, allowing Caffrey to use a snail fork to hold the cage. But with the stamp ripped from its owner overseas, the FBI has no choice but return it.

Caffrey is forced to forge the Treskilling Yellow before meting with Woodford.

Let’s not forget, he did kidnap Elizabeth Burke (Tiffani Thiessen) and almost kill FBI Agent Peter Burke (Tim De Kay).

“El” had no choice but to tell Mozzie earlier as he noticed “Mrs.

Suit” didn’t drink any wine while putting dishes away.

arc: It's a nice way to start dating again With just one bullet, Neal lost both his real dad, James, and the man who's served as his surrogate dad for the last four years, Peter.

And don't even get us started on Sara (Hilarie Burton) moving to London after a very fake, but very moving, proposal at the top of the Empire State Building from Neal?

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