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“I” statements are often also effective in family counseling because they focus on the effects of a child or parent’s actions rather than on the action itself.

It may be easier for family members to communicate when an action is not singled out for blame, and young adults and adolescents in particular may be more receptive to hearing how their actions have affected others when the language used is not accusatory.

Never disregard professional psychological or medical advice nor delay in seeking professional advice or treatment because of something you have read on Good

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This technique is particularly common in marital counseling, as couples often get trapped in a potentially vicious cycle of perpetual blame without ever addressing the underlying feelings or attachment issues that may be leading to conflict.“I” statements may allow couples to work through their disagreements in a way that allows them to express their opinions and feelings to each other without assigning blame and placing further strain on the relationship.Couples in the early stages of marital counseling may misuse “I” statements. The physician has documented the presence of a Goodell’s sign. “It is the fetal movement that is felt by the mother.” d. A pregnant client in the last trimester has been admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of severe preeclampsia. Select all nursing interventions that apply in the care for the client. Keep calcium gluconate on hand in case of a magnesium sulfate overdose e. Because the client is Rh negative, the nurse must: a. Make certain she receives Rho GAM on her first clinic visit c. A nurse is reviewing the record of a client who has just been told that a pregnancy test is positive. A soft blowing sound that corresponds to the maternal pulse during auscultation of the uterus. “It is the soft blowing sound that can be heard when the uterus is auscultated.” c. A nurse is assisting in performing an assessment on a client who suspects that she is pregnant and is checking the client for probable signs of pregnancy. Plantar flex the foot while extending the knee when the cramps occur. A nurse is providing instructions to a client in the first trimester of pregnancy regarding measures to assist in reducing breast tenderness. Wash the breasts with warm water and keep them dry 13. A nurse is caring for a pregnant client with severe preeclampsia who is receiving IV magnesium sulfate. Notify the physician if respirations are less than 18 per minute. Monitor renal function and cardiac function closely d. Notify the physician if urinary output is less than 30 ml per hour. In the 12th week of gestation, a client completely expels the products of conception.

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