What does the bible have to say about dating

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Respect yourself and the one you love by honoring them the way God intends us to honor others (Romans 12:9-10).

Dating or courting or whatever you want to call it can be a great way to solidify an already super strong friendship and begin to build a solid foundation for marriage.

In dating or courting relationships, be aware of avoiding sexual temptation.

It is not only a sin against God, but it is a sin against our own bodies (1 Corinthians ).

That kind of attitude and motivation will ultimately lead to a relationship ending in disaster.According to 2 Peter -20, God's way is totally contradictory to the way the world says unmarried couples should act.The world is constantly sending a message of "try before you buy" when it comes to dating.The Bible does not actually mention the terms "dating" and "courtship", but we can definitely find some principles about relationships that will help us understand what's up with this touchy subject.First things first, let's separate how the world views dating from how God wants us to handle the period of time before a couple gets married.

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