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At times the experience did feel a little like a mash of too many things: escape room AND immersive theatre AND dining experience all in one.

If anything, it didn’t need the escape room element, it was plenty without.

Willow will be on at The Bunker Theatre, London at 8.30pm on 8th, 9th, 15th and 16th September. If you’re going on a hot-date and want to impress with a quirky and unique experience to remember, then Gingerline’s Chamber of Flavours, a multi-dimensional dining adventure, is probably the thing for you.

It’s hard to write a review for something I’m sworn to secrecy on, but if you’re a sucker for immersive experiences and organised fun, then you will likely love this, I had a fabulous time.

Chock-full of pop culture references and dating scenarios we’ve all suffered through; it relishes in self-deprecation and exaggerated characterizations.

She allows us to better understand mental illness and have a giggle at the same time, in a totally frank and no-holds-barred autobiography.

Although I feel Forristal’s style of writing would have brilliantly served a further exploration of queerness, I would note that what impressed me most was that Forristal knows her audience – her playful script is ready-made for the millennial generation.

AT: What are your favourite things about playing this character?

SO: Lottie has personally allowed me to think through things from someone else’s perspective.

Also for non queer people, they are still able connect with the ups and downs of a relationship, showing the similarities within all relationships.

And I guess in some ways ‘Willow’ brings separate social communities together. SO: We are having a lot of fun with looking at back-stories and the journeys in which these characters have made, that brought them up until the point in the play, which has really helped them feel like full rounded people that I could meet in real life.

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