Watch world series of dating episode 3 what is jdi dating

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Following on from the investigations of the Bedfordshire Police’s Internet Child Abuse Investigation Team, episode 3 may prove difficult to watch for some viewers.

The episode contains gruesome CCTV footage from two separate knife attacks.

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Later, Natalie feels torn between a party boy and a romantic; and David balances his time between a marine biologist and a crazy woman.

Season 3, Episode 8August 18, 2016The friction between Natalie and David comes to a head.

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Later, David goes on an aerial-yoga date with a dancer, then snorkels with a shy Brooklynite; and Natalie windsurfs with a spiritualist, then goes on a date with a clothing designer from Seattle.

Season 3, Episode 7August 11, 2016David divides his time between his tribal-dance partner and Italian-cooking classmate; and Natalie spends time with a former "guido" and a well-endowed man. Season 3, Episode 5July 27, 2016Natalie feels like a third wheel with David and Sarah, until she swims with sharks on one date and works out with another guy at the outdoor gym.

Later, David and Sarah's new romance is tested after he brings two other ladies back to the house.

Season 3, Episode 3July 13, 2016Nicole acts possessive of David when he brings two women to the house; Natalie's feelings for Zakk intensify, but Zakk's insecurity surfaces when he meets the two new men in Natalie's life.

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