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Turned out the list was sorted by default by "renown per member".

If you sort by number of members suddenly Casualties is in the top spot, and if you sort by total renown we still come in among the top 10.

People lost interest, time or are waiting for Aion (I only had a brief look and could not decide yet if that would appeal to me).

What is the status about the EU merchandise programs or even the announced WAR veteran program? Is there anything important to know for crafting or a Black Orc that happened during the last two month?

When i logged into the game the first things i checked out was the enhanced bag space (nice! If i understood right you need to equip the gear to get the ward, right?

Just having a warlord item in my inventory won't be enough, or?

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I'm still in the process to set up my UI again, since a few mods i used for hotkeys etc.

are not working anymore i have to redo it completely, meh. at least its very viable for me to get the Darkpromise Wards without getting the drop. Although i saw so many people running around in Invader gear and even bits of Warlord, it would take ages for me to get the required renown level.

Which only serves to show that ranking guilds is inherently problematic, because what the "best" guild is depends on the criterion you choose.

A small hardcore guild can certainly claim that every member put in more of an individual contribution.

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