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Because of's popularity, has a built-in audience that bounces between the platforms, but is less about performance and more about hanging out.

What parents need to know You Now – Broadcast, Chat, and Watch Live Video.

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Not only can you have a live video chat with your friends, but you also can easily search for and share videos and music right from the app.

Not only is it authentic and spontaneous, but it's also the closest thing to hanging out in person.

So, what are these apps that are taking kids by storm? Users simply fire up an app such as Facebook or Periscope, turn on the live-streaming feature, aim the camera on themselves, and broadcast to whomever is following them on the app.

Though Twitter isn't the hottest platform for teens, and they don't spend a ton of time on it, they do use it.

Though you can send "protected" tweets, Twitter is really a public forum, so most people are posting to everyone. Created by the developers who brought us, this video-sharing tool is like many others in that kids stream video to their friends and followers who can comment and "like" to interact with the broadcaster.

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