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If errors still persist after articles are ruled out, I next go to components as a possible source.One quick way to check components is to use a bit of code at the end of your site's URL that will remove the template and show the output of the site presented only as the output from the components in use.The validation service does not point out which is the offending source of output, only the errors and on which line they appear.Seeking out the reported errors can be a very time consuming process, however, there are some steps that you can do to help with your process.# # NOTES # # Uses Multipart Post [2,3] to encode the file using # the MIME type multipart/form-data [4] for upload.# # REFERENCES # # [1] "GNAT User's Guide", section 3.2.1.So let’s make a program that uploads a file to the W3C validator, parses the resulting list of errors, and outputs them in a format that Emacs’ command recognizes.

Cross-referencing a list of errors with an erroneous document is pretty tedious.These issues present themselves even more so when a 'pure CSS' template is in use, as CSS is unforgiving of left out closing brackets () and other often overlooked HTML errors that are introduced by extensions or other invalid code inserted in articles.While extension code is not the ONLY vehicle by which invalid code can make its way into a site, it has become one of the leading cause of issues that we have seen.The Validation Services runs the presented 'page' against the standards and outlines the errors on the presented 'page', but in our instance the items on our 'page' could come from any number of sources.For instance, if you have a website that has a calendar component, a commenting component and a component to manage your advertisements you not only have the default Joomla output in the form of articles on a 'page', you also have the output that is coming from three other sources -- any of which could present an error or multiple errors.

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