Validating research sources

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This method too is conducted in a natural environment but the only difference is the researcher gets involved in the discussions and can mould the direction of the discussions.

In this method, researchers live in a comfortable environment with the participants of the research, to make them comfortable and open up to in-depth discussions.

Because of the hodge-podge of information on the Internet, it is very important you develop evaluation skills to assist you in identifying quality Web pages.

The advantage of direct observation is that it offers contextual data on people, situations, interactions and the surroundings.In the same way, social scientists conducting field research may conduct interviews or observe people from a distance to understand how they behave in a social environment and how they react to situations around them.typically begins in a specific setting although the end objective of the study is to observe and analyze the specific behavior of a subject in that setting. With statutes, one can find whether the statute was amended or if there is pending legislation, for example. With cases, one can find prior and subsequent history.

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