Validating numeric textbox in vb net

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Index Of(".") This should restrict user input to decimal values, allowing negative values as well.

I am trying to set up a form to accept a telephone number, but i am unsure of how to validate it so it will only take numeric values with 11 digits. Show("You must enter a Telephone Number.", "Data Entry Error", Message Box Buttons. Information) 'makes sure that only numbers and the backspace are allowed in the fields.

This routine ensures it is always numeric and so there is no longer a need to check.

Text) End Sub Keep in mind that you still need to check if the textbox contains a value in case they delete the contents of the textbox.

3) I am aware of this and will add validation on other events later 4) Decimal i'm not sure how you mean, but currency, i agrre, i am going to add a currency symbol property to the textbox then use that as a variable for what the textbox will allow in currency mode.

4) I think a good starting point for reading are the Google results for "Globalization" and "Localization". Thanks Regards Girish You won't be able to work with this solution because no-one nowadays posts articles with solutions based on . Either try searching for a file converter or create your own project and just import the relevant source files.

This is a very useful control, and I will definely take it. Please vote for the article and check back in a few days as i've just updated it and it should be changed in a few days, the new version is twice as good as the old. 2) By blocking unwanted keys you also prevent the use of copy/paste using the keyboard. 3) Even though copy&paste is not possible using the keyboard, you didn't take into account that there are other ways to perform copy&paste so it's very easy to bring letters into textbox that's supposed to only hold numbers.

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I'm a little confusing about it, do you guys have an script example for it please? Set the Causes Validation() property of your Text Box(es) to True, then handle the Validating() event.

It needs to be a nested If statement for this to happen.

if u want to use javascript write a function on onkey Down event of a textbox function checkvalid() logic here is that on keydown u ll first check whether textbox already has anything if no direct allow if yes check the length if its 1 then check the value in textbox if its 1 or 2 allow to enter but if its 3 then check the to be typed integer if its 0 then allow else dont allow return false will not allow anything to be typed Hi, 1. Within function , take the value of that textbox using Element By Id and ckeck that value after keypress is less than equal to 30 or not?

If you determine that validation has failed, set the Cancel property of the Cancel Event Args is to true and clear the control; focus will remain there.

I've done some research on this and still cannot get my program to work. Key Press Dim User Entry As Boolean If User Entry = Is Numeric(False) Then Message Box. ") End If End Sub Private Sub Num1_Key Up(sender As System.

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