Validating checkbox asp net discouraged from dating

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This Java Script looks like this: Please also note that since the Control To Validate property cannot be used on a Check Box List you need to hard-select the client ID of the Check Box List in the Java Script.

Is it a pretty common scenario to have a checkbox on a form, that is required to be checked during POST-ing of a form.

I found a 2001 article on how to do that (Building a Check Box List Validator Control) but it doesn't work properly on ASP. So I have to make some small changes to make it work on ASP. First thing you have create a class that inherits from Base Validator In this we check if the control is null and if the control can be cast to a Check Box List.

This is the methods that performs the server side validation in case Java Script is not enabled on the client, or not supported.

Remember to make the Validate Empty Text preoperty of custom validator to true to check the validation for empty text else validation will be fired only when there is something entered on the control that is set in Control To Validate property.

Net MVCMany times we want users to accept the terms and condition to proceed using a checkbox.

Sometimes you want to make sure the that user has selected at least one of the checkbox in the checkbox list, but as aforementioned, if you user a normal Required Field Validator you will get an exception.

None of the built in validators will validate the asp: Check Box List, so you will have to create your own.Sometimes, when we build an input processing forms we might come across situations where we need to validate controls based on some conditions.For example, we can make a textbox to be required field only when a checkbox is checked or a dropdownlist value, etc. So I will have to write custom j Query code for this in the View. Include("~/Scripts/jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js")); In order to validate user’s skills so that he should select at least 3 skills (this is a collection property and not a simple one).

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