Updating windows vista to windows 7

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Linux distros today are so much more "user friendly" than when you last used one. Run it as LIVE to see if your computer(s) and you are compatible.I think it is the best thing to put on an old Vista computer. I think you will be pleasantly surprised as to how "user friendly" Linux is today. If you need any assistance with Linux....visit the Linux Forum here at BC.You will also need to reinstall all your programs that are compatible with Windows 10.The upgrade process from Windows Vista takes time and money, and if the computer is old and comparatively slow, you may not find it worth the effort.

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Microsoft’s extended support for the system ends on April 11, 2017.

Both PC's meet the hardware requirements to upgrade to Win 7 and I was just curious about my best options for purchasing it and also avoiding any software conflicts. My main question is how can I be sure I am getting the right version of Win 7? They are or sound old and Windows 10 may not suit or be compatible or meet the minimum requirements and you would have to Purchase 10 as Vista is not upgradable to Win 10 .

Is there a software out there that can do what the upgrade advisor did or should I just dive in based on my current Vista versions and hardware? Options: 1/ If the laptops have a recovery Partition you could recover them back to date of purchase as a clean slate , and you would have to find Updates manually and install correctly.

3/ Or as i did , you can Install any Linux Distro of your choice . You would have to purchase a new Win 7 upgrade DVD and license from a reputable online source like for each machine.

See the MS support article for allowable upgrade paths for Vista.

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