Updating vmware server

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In this blog post, we are going to deploy VMware v Center 6.7 Update 1 in my Lab environment.

The deployment is fully covered with all the additional notes required to perform a successful installation, migration or upgrade. there are a couple of items to consider: If you are familiar with the VMware v Center 6.5 graphical deployment it has been improved in VMware v Center 6.7.

This application downloads patches from the VMware website, integrates with Virtual Center, and provides its own web server to deliver the patches. It has a lot of command options and switches as well.

Although, will this application be unnecessary when VMware comes out with ESX 3.5 and the Update Manager? In its simplest form, the basic steps to apply ESX Server patches are: All the esxupdate activity will be recorded in this log file: /var/log/vmware/

Summary Applying patches to VMware ESX Server is just another necessary part of any ESX Admin’s job.

In this article, we covered how to install a single ESX Server patch using esxupdate.

With VMware ESX Server 3.5, it has been announced there there will be a n “update manager” that will make patch management easier.

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updating vmware server-68

I will certainly let you know when that is available! Code roughly looks like the following: # note: I have copied a patch file to the patches folder on the datastore: ESXi65# also, the server is in Maintenance mode $host = get-vmhost $esxcli = get-esxcli -vm Host $host -V2 $esxcli Args = $esxcli.update.create Args() $esxcli Args.depot = "/vmfs/volumes/my Datastore/patches/ESXi65.zip" $esxcli Args.nosigcheck = $true $esxcli Args.force = $true $status = $esxcli.update.invoke($esxcli Args) The update.invoke command never returns. Also, I assume it doesn't matter if the patch has already been installed and I try to install it again. Of course, security and critical bug fix patches should be applies as soon as possible.Many of the ESX Server patches are actually for the service console (based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux).

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