Updating flip video files

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If your imported files still play incorrectly after you have completed all the solutions, see Troubleshoot File Formats and Codecs.Sometimes a mismatch between an imported file and the settings for the Adobe Premiere Elements project in which you are working causes playback problems.

Serious playback issues include upside-down video, no video, no sound, colored blocks or stripes, or playback that ends prematurely.

The technical requirements for editing video files are more stringent than the requirements for playing video files.

You sometimes have to transcode (convert) problematic files (see Solution 6).

To gather this information, do one or more of the following tasks: Some video files are encoded with codecs (Div X, Xvid, 3ivx, and so on) that are not installed by default with Windows or Apple Quick Time.

You can download and install additional codecs on your computer.

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