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For large or very large sites (think thousands or hundreds of thousands of pages), however, the Changeqfreq & Priority XML tags become much more important.

With so many pages, we want to do everything we can to help search engines understand and crawl our content.

However, it is unnecessary for “spiders” to regularly scan pages that are seldom or never updated.

Spider indexing consumes bandwidth (which can increase the cost of operating your website), and may briefly slow access to your site if it is run on a low-capacity server.

Here are some examples of different types of pages and how their Priority sitemap XML tag value might be set, depending upon how important they are…It’s important to point out that these settings are usually more important for larger websites.For smaller websites (let’s say, under 100 pages for the sake of the example), Google does a good job of figuring out relative content priorities and changes on its own.The content placed in the ‘holder’ element will be replaced by the Flash content, so users with the Flash plug-in installed will never see the content inside this element.This feature has the added bonus of letting search engines index your alternate content.

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