Updating bios linux

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This standard update system is part of the UEFI 2.5 specification released in 2015 and is also available for Linux thanks to efforts from Intel and Red Hat.To be able to use it, your Linux distribution must already boot in UEFI mode from a disk including an EFI system partition.This is actually a Windows self-extracting archive built using Inno Setup.You can extract the files in these archives using the command line tool innoextract which is available for many Linux distributions.Many latop brands like If you have a modern machine with a Phoenix firmware, chances are that the Windows executable contains the update in the form of an UEFI Capsule Update.When a firmware is distributed in that form, the update program won’t flash it directly under Windows.Instead of the fwupd daemon and its companion tool If nothing shows up for you, your firmware or your Linux kernel is not compatible and you can’t go any further.

In the meantime, you can always use this procedure to download, extract and install the update files yourself, if you own a compatible system.

I compiled the following list of Lenovo laptops which come with a firmware update in the form of a Capsule Update installer.

If you find more (including from other brands), please mention them in the comments.700–15ISK, 700–17ISK710S-13ISK, 710S-13IKB720S-15IKB, 720S Touch-15IKBE42–80, E52–80, E53–80300S-14ISK, 500S-14ISK, Edge 2–1580, Flex 3–1480, Flex 3–1580, Yoga 500–14ISK, Yoga 500–15ISK720–15IKB (Type 81AG)K21–80, K22–80, K32–80K41–80/M41–80Xiao Xin Rui7000Rescuer E520–15IKBV110–14IAP, V110–15IAPV110–15IKB, V110–15ISKV310–14IKB, V310–15IKB, V510–14IKB, V510–15IKBV310–14ISK, V310–15ISKV330–15IKB, V330–15ISKV730–13IKB, V730–13ISKV730–15IKBGo to the Lenovo support website and download the latest BIOS executable file for your machine.

Unfortunately, there are only a handful of machines supported on that site at the time of this writing, mostly from Dell.

Other vendors don’t (yet) make the effort of publishing their software updates for Linux users.

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