Updating bathroom tile

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The larger pattern will prevent the floor from looking too busy.I also ordered a single “lobe” stencil for the corners and edges of the room.), so the rest of the gallon will be my go-to white paint for outdoor projects.I found an exact match to the pattern of my inspiration tile!Then I went over it again with a scrub brush, concentrating on the grout lines. Once the tile floor is dry, apply painter’s tape to the walls and any areas you don’t want to be painted.I decided to keep the tile “baseboard” that was already around the perimeter of the room, so I taped off above it.This stuff is thick, sticky and makes paint bond to almost anything!

As an added bonus, they sent a second stencil for free, so one stencil can soak in soapy water while I keep painting with the other.

Cement tile in bold patterns are all the rage right now, but they come with a hefty price tag.

I fell in love with this Moroccan style tile with a simple geometric pattern that wouldn’t be too overwhelming in the small space.

I scrubbed my floors twice to make sure they were super clean.

First, I used an extra grout sponge I had bought for installing the vertical subway tile.

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