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I am trying not to add another layer by using Table Adapter. As documented, "Table Adapters are generated by Visual Studio designers. Is Post Back) { //string CS = Configuration Manager. Connection String; using (Sql Connection con = new Sql Connection(CS)) { con. If you are creating datasets programmatically, then use Data Adapter, which is a . Open(); Sql Command cmd = new Sql Command("select id, unit1,unit2,rate,estimated_expenses,description,asset_master_id,asset_expenses_type_id,is_active,period_id,estate_id FROM trans.asset_expenses", con); using (Sql Data Reader rdr = cmd. Iterate over each selected row, with the function context set to be the row in question.A typical operation with the Data Table API is to perform an operation on a collection of rows - a common action is performed on each row, adding event handlers, updating data, etc.

Also we can create multiple Data Views for any given Data Table. The following source code shows how to update data in a Data View . NET project and drag a Data Grid View and a Button on default Form Form1 , and copy and paste the following Source Code on button click event. You'll just pass directly the Data Table for your adapter... Now all the records in the data table are INSERTED to "trans.asset_expenses" table. The expected result is for the data table to UPDATE the SQL Server table. Data Table dt = (Data Table)Session["Asset Expenses"]; //Update the values. 2) I tried to update the data table to the database like this: bbcompent1, Yes, I read in detail twice on this website - https:// before I posted the question on "update database from data table" in this forum. That example is on creating rows in data table and finally inserting records to database.

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