Updating a ranch home

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While you probably won’t be shoeing horses or branding cattle on it, it’s a great option for families with children.There is lots of space for biking, chalk drawing and someday, multiple car parking.Many people grew up in a ranch home and the thought brings warm memories about a childhood full of TV watching, Elvis listening and spaceship dreaming.

Come the 1950’s, ranch style homes were nine out of ten new houses, taking the U. By the late 1960’s, American’s architectural tastes moved toward more traditional styles and the ranch homes became cheap boring housing and by the 70’s, no one was building ranches anymore.

Brick is always popular and if you’re lucky, it might already be painted. For a more modern look with the same rustic charm, consider using concrete on your ranch’s exterior rather than brick.

Paired with wood, it makes a nice contrast with the duel tones and it will stay in style for a long long time.

Since the original ranches were modeled after Spanish styled houses, the ranches of the west will probably be covered in stucco.

Being a natural material, it shouldn’t be expensive to maintain and it will give the exterior of your home a calm look.

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