Updating a bios in windows

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Like drivers and softwares, updates for BIOS are also released occasionally, but you should have a very good reason for updating your BIOS, also called flashing your BIOS. If there is no such thing, then simply download “BIOS Update Utility for Windows”. Connect the USB to the target system, power it on and keeping tapping F12 until you see the Boot menu. In case of laptop, make sure the battery is present in the laptop and the AC adapter is connected with it the whole time.

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BIOSAgent Plus is arguably the best BIOS update software you can ever find online.A BIOS update software allows you to effortlessly update your PC BIOS version even when you are a rookie in updating BIOS.It automatically checks for outdated BIOS versions and updates it if any. Also Read: Ways To Fix Machine Check Exception BSOD On Windows 10 However, there are few software that can actually update BIOS on Windows.You can update this software, known as the BIOS, by downloading an update file from ASUS' website and then selecting the update file from within the BIOS.Keep in mind that the BIOS doesn't usually need to be updated if you're still installing regular Windows updates.

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