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“I said, ‘What would happen if all of these people were on the same team?

’” Colon says of the spark that led to his developing Motiv.

Maybe you’d sleep, maybe someone would park a car in front of your tent with the lights on at 1 a.m.

Maybe you’d accidentally set up your tent near a loudspeaker that blared, “GOOD MORNING WILDFLOWER! Maybe you’d fall asleep to the loud chugging of a truck sucking gunk out of the bathrooms all night.

“One of the things we offer is support, not only with marketing and sponsorship, but with operational support—registration, customer service,” says Chris Colon, Motiv’s president, who has a background in finance and came from a job as COO of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge race.

Motiv was founded on the idea that iconic races should maintain their uniqueness and regional flavor, but would fare better sharing their knowledge, and sharing services that individual race operators typically can’t afford on their own, like marketing, data processing, and web development.

The race was legendary for its intensity, the camaraderie that comes from the shared camping experience, and the occasional nude cheerer or two.

Its portfolio now includes 27 events across the country, including a handful of tris: the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, the New Jersey State Triathlon, and Wildflower.No matter what, you’d get up on race day, head down that giant hill with everyone else, and conquer a legitimately, awesomely tough course.And then, after 33 years, the country’s most iconic event and all its intrepid racers and revelers disappeared. Lake San Antonio is now within five percent of its maximum depth, and the event has all new backers and big dreams.Eric: Yeah man, we were doing the William and Mary Triathlon!Right after that, we went skinny-dipping in the Crim Dell!

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