Toledo ohio dating friends only

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While at a local diner I asked the waitress, “Do you have any vegetarian options? ”And no, removing the chicken from the top of a salad is not acceptable vegetarian food.

In Toledo you can have a burger, steak, ribs or chicken wings. While Toledo is the 5th most bar dense city in the US, the scene is as bland and one dimensional as the food scene.

There are a few months of transition weather between the hot and cold that are really nice, but can I really live for those few months?

There are lots of average people that live in Toledo.

I met some great people, got a decent job, and started a group to gather entrepreneurial individuals together called Startup Toledo.

But in the summer of 2011, I got a job offer to run marketing at an ed-tech startup in San Francisco.

Here’s the conflicting dialogue that’s been happening in my head. Pulling into Toledo the first thing I notice is the endless parking lots.

I moved to San Francisco for a career in technology.

Before making the move, I tried living in Toledo for a year.

As a former musician, I’m lucky to know who is playing around town and get to see some great music while in town.

The musical talent here, relative to the amount of respect they get in the form of applause or attention, might be some of the best in the world.

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