Tire manufacture dating

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Our resident tire expert said that popular sizes in our warehouse and usually at most 1 year old.I can't tell you the date codes on the tires just because that could change in a day or in a matter of hours when someone else buys some.Then the information I had given you would be inaccurate.I was skeptical about the whole process, but it was excellent from start to finish. Choose from our network of 9,000 installers when you check out and get fast, FREE DELIVERY, right to a tire shop near you.If your tire doesn't have a DOT number branded on its side, the tire doesn't meet all U. This information is important, as it'll be used to notify you in the event of a tire safety recall.If your installer doesn't provide you with a DOT card, you may also be able to register online on the manufacturer's website.These characters identify the tire size and manufacturers specifications, as well as the manufacturing location and date the tire was manufactured (listed as week and year).

"…lucky for me that my partnership with Toyo means that I drive on a very good performance tire … on all temperatures the tire is very consistent which is very important for me when I’m doing that stuff...

Those who know me have always heard my mantra about buying a good quality tire, after all it’s the only thing that’s between your car and the road.

According to this piece on ABC news, the rubber compound in tires dries out over time and becomes brittle after 6 years or so.

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in which the first two letters designate where the tire was manufactured.

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