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Walking and listening to one is part of my daily routine, and I even tune in while cleaning, driving, or even lounging in bed. Podcasts came come in all forms – from self improvement, to entertainment, to business strategy, to figuring out life as a 30 something – which are the ones I want to share today.For those of you who need a little guidance during this decade (like moi), here are 5 podcasts that should help.Thank you specially to Elmarie, Jennifer and Jessica who left such lovely comments via the contact form.

Hope's childhood friend is local politician Ellyn Warren (Polly Draper). Factory (under license from MGM) has released all four seasons of Thirtysomething on DVD in Region 1.I’m 31 but I still feel like I’m 25 in many ways, so I very much relate to this podcast.And honestly, so much of what they talk about is surrounding #adulting, which is one of our categories for this site. From exploring wellness trends to figuring out life, this show reminds me that not everyone has it together – and that’s totally cool. I think she’s brilliant when it comes to building a business (especially a blog) and she also has great wellness/beauty/fitness/life tips.I honestly can’t remember loving a media platform as much as podcasts.It’s like reading without feeling sleepy, school without the boring lectures, and a talk show without having to watch TV.

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