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When I came out it was under the assumption that he would fulfill his promise.

I am still full of hope that he will do the right thing and he will lift the ban unconditionally.” When asked if she would have acted differently had she known the outcome, Dunning replied “I don’t think so.

According to Amy Brown, co-counsel, at the law firm of Morrison and Foerster, “Processing for ho¬ mosexuality is mandatory un¬ der the Secretary of the Navy Instruction 1920.6A rule and as evidence one of the things it lists is a statement [by the person] that the member is homosexual.

In reality, a lot of times commanders will use discretion and just kind of ig¬ nore it, as in the case of peo¬ ple like Keith Meinhold.

Activists (Continued on page 17) Inside: Calendar.56 Classifieds.35 Dykeotomy.10 HIV Watch.34 Letters .7 Mr.

Marcus.58 Obituaries ...28 Open Forum.6 Personals.63 Sports/Fitness ....

We were fairly optimistic after we closed our case from the fact that the board had spent so long delib¬ erating that we might win this, but we all knew going in that our chances were very slim. {Photo: Judi Parks) Budget Battle Begets City Hall Brouhaha by Dennis Conkin San Francisco AIDS and healthcare activists who took over Mayor Jordan’s office of¬ fice on Tuesday, June 15, in a morning protest over pro¬ posed health service budget cuts were arrested and charged with disturbing the peace and malicious mischief.

First of Two Sections Originally charged with four counts of assault, Lee was later charged with the at¬ tempted murder of the offi¬ cers who intervened in his suicide attempt, thereby com¬ ing in contact with his blood as they tried to subdue him.

The Board argued that they were “bound to follow” the military dis¬ charge procedure.

At the press conference fol¬ lowing the announcement of the decision, holding back tears, Dunning told reporters, “I am obviously very disap¬ pointed that they didn’t lift the ban.

The cuts, according to Wendy Ho Iwata, Health Department spokesperson, comprise a 0 million reduc¬ tion in the department’s pro¬ posed 5 million budget — and threaten the city with the loss of million in federal AIDS funds because of the budget reduction.

According to Iwata, more than 130,000 outpatient care visits throughout the health¬ care system, including San Francisco General Hospital, will be eliminated.

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