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The jealousy does not arise because the parents are paying attention to the child. If you have, or know, (or were yourself) a jealous child, you will see the truth of this.As an early teen, I was babysitting 5 kids who were all very fond of me; the oldest was 7, and the youngest 3.I know many only children who are jealous; they can’t handle their parents paying attention to any other child.I believe a child feels jealous if his parents don’t pay sufficient attention to him.When she had quieted down to the occasional sob, I pulled away, and asked if she was feeling better. “You hurt me when you pulled my scarf, and when you were hitting me and shouting,” I told her. She insisted that she wanted to be the closest to me: “You are my favorite, and I have to be your favorite too.” I told her things didn’t work that way. We settled for peace, and the rest of the evening passed off uneventfully. But despite that, the child was jealous, because she didn’t get enough from the parents.It was almost as if she were a nuisance, who had to be controlled before she got out of hand.As she whispered into my ear (it was a secret meant only for me 🙂 ), the most aggressive of the lot, a 4 year old, pulled the scarf around my neck tight, almost strangling me.

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As I held her, I patted her back, and made soothing noises. She put her arms around me and said she liked me very much too. I explained that I didn’t belong to any one person; I had to look after all of them, and they knew each other so well…! “Hitting and strangling me is definitely not the way to go,” I told her. “She’s such a terror, we dare not thwart her” her parents said.

This study was the first to correlate the incidence of dating violence among adolescent girls with other unhealthy and risky behaviors.

The survey revealed an alarming direct link between dating violence and damaging, self-destructive behaviors.

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I'm not talking about broken hearts -- I'm talking about physical and sexual abuse.

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