Teenage dating abuse quotes

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We encourage adults to learn from their wisdom and lived experiences, supporting their pursuit of social justice in their communities.

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She had a hair appointment and didn't want to be late, so she decided to go, leaving the behind the boyfriend who was supposed to go with her, but was running behind. ' And I told him 'I left, I didn't want to miss my hair appointment waiting on you.' And he was like, 'you're stupid.' He called me a bitch," she said. She said she took a break from him for a few days, but they got back together."So Kayla has always grown up seeing us argue and fight and the name-calling, which I felt like that's why her antenna's weren't up," Shameka Michelle said.Shereka Dunston with the Durham Crisis Response Center said parents can make a difference in protecting their children."It's really important for parents to talk to their kids honestly and have conversations.So if you see something like your child has an anger problem.

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