Technorati not updating posts intimidating rage dd

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CLICK TO ENLARGE But you may not know that scheduling future posts in that way will actually irritate ping services and your blog will quickly get banned from the ping services.

I've fought the good fight against the rising tide of trackbacks with various blacklists over the last three years, but as this blog grows more and more popular, I'm clearly losing the war.

So any future readers can also follow our conversation thread by directly navigating from my blog to yours with a single click.

Tom Coates created a little diagram which illustrates this process: They're a great idea.

Malicious spammers can batch register dirt-cheap domain names and write scripts to mass-POST these URLs all over the blogosphere far, far faster than I can ever hope to blacklist them.

Every day starts with a depressing routine of adding 4-8 new spam URLs to my blacklist.

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