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In TBC Anthony Michael Hall is the self proclaimed "King of the Dorks". Simple, if you’re already a dork you might as well be the best dork that you can be. This morning I was clicking through the photos of my time in Austin, and I noticed some interesting parallels between Anthony Michael Hall, and a relatively famous Austinite. I'm not sure if he has a last name, but for now we'll just call him “King Leslie”. King Leslie was born in 1956, and he was in his prime when the 70’s hit [Insert VH1 Behind the Music rise and fall scenario here]. Homeless & struggling to survive, Leslie began his ascent to Kingship. Und zwar im Edelweiss-Center in der Walfischgasse 12, 1010 Wien. I find something magical about being willing to step away from what is comfortable and stable into the darkness, into the unknown.Für alle Wiener oder Wahl-Wiener unter euch: Am Samstag, den 17.Oktober werden wir um 19.30 Uhr die Show auch in Wien abhalten.The talented Leraine will rock our souls as she plays live music. This has got to be one of the best ideas in the history of good ideas. Just past Pep Boys on 7th East)Bring a towel to put over your mat.

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This prancing eventually lead him to seek public office. It's these blind steps which strip all the haze that blocks my vision.And you know, I find that when I make those courageous steps, everything narrows, and for a breathtaking moment everything is dark.Early on Leslie realized that to be successful you must find a niche. The King found his in G-strings and Women’s clothing.

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