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Software giant VMware has introduced a number of new products aimed at strengthening its position within hybrid cloud and Kubernetes environments, as well as a broad range of updates across its Workspace ONE portfolio.The main focus of the announcement, which was made at the company's annual VMworld US conference in San Francisco, was a new portfolio of products dubbed VMware Tanzu designed to help organisations marry their VMware and Kubernetes deployments.The two companies have worked together to bring Nvidia's GPU virtualisation technology to VMware's AWS offering, as well as to its core v Sphere product.Designed to power AI and data science workloads, the new tools will allow IT to manage these workloads using the same tools as their other applications, as well as integrating them with other VMware and AWS products.Beda stated that PKS is acting as the on-ramp for Project Pacific, and Wolf noted that "this is your glimpse of the future of PKS".

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These customers can also now take advantage of VMware's Bitnami-powered Cloud Marketplace, as can the company's Cloud Provider Partners.The company did, however, announce that Equinix will be operating as a hosting partner for the service, allowing customers to take advantage of it through their facilities. Following its initial reveal by Gelsinger, Michael Dell and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella at Dell Technologies World earlier in the year, VMware also announced the availability of native VMware support on Microsoft Azure.The service is available in Western Europe and the US as of today, with territories in Australia and South America following by the end of 2019 and additional regions including northern Europe by the end of Q1 next year.The company has unveiled v Realize Operations 8.0, which focuses in large part on applying machine learning algorithms and real-time analytics, in order to detect issues and optimise performance in real-time with minimal human intervention.On top of this, the company is previewing a new cloud-based version of this software, v Realize Operations Cloud, for its VMware Cloud on AWS customers.

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