Tamara mellon dating

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‘I still cry about it every day,’ says Tamara Mellon, as tears roll down her perfectly made-up cheeks.It’s a sunny autumn morning in Los Angeles and the former It-girl and co-founder of luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo is talking about the death in April of her ex-husband, billionaire Matthew Mellon – father to her 16-year-old daughter Minty. magazine that she is engaged to former Hollywood talent agent Michael Ovitz.The 68-year-old proposed at the end of last year, after the couple had been dating for four years.Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon has battled her way back from addiction and bankruptcy, but the sudden death of her ex-husband Matthew in April strained her emotions to the limit.

‘I’m still so emotional about it – I can’t believe he’s gone,’ she says."It's a long-term project – we're going to knock the whole building down and start again," she said."We're really excited to have a project to work on together.After a surfing accident, he was prescribed Oxy Contin, the highly addictive opioid painkiller that has ravaged entire communities in the US, creating not only widespread addiction to the prescription medicine itself, but also to street heroin.‘The statistics show that when you can’t get Oxy Contin you go to heroin,’ says Tamara.

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