Suse11 updating

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After downloading it you use again zypper to update the package with the new version you just downloaded - that was it.

..maybe not: there could be "dependencies" to update: Maybe a packages content can only work if some other software from another package is already installed.

Hi Everyone Im just wondering if anyone knows why when you install SUSE Linux 8.0 on a NEC Versa Laptop that KDE does not fill the entire window.I have no Su Se to give you an exact recipe, but i can point you in the general direction: A Linux distribution is a collection of "packages" - sets of files, which are somehow connected to each other - and some means to install them or remove them from the system.For instance, such a package could be a "web browser": it would contain all the binaries needed to run the web browser, some libraries, probably some configuration files, etc..AWS customers running SLES on Amazon EC2 receive access to the base images (AMIs) and updates from SUSE.Q: What versions of SLES are available on Amazon EC2?

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