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Click on the hashtag to start a search for that term and see other posts that mention it.

They can be anything (just ask Jimmy Fallon and Justing Timberlake): #batman, #San Francisco, #Obamacare, #Wish You Were Here, et cetera— I mean, #etcetera. Promoted posts get higher prominence on other people's News Feeds.

Of course, even that is more complicated than it used to be.

In the past, it was enough to see the countdown of characters available dwindle from 140 down to 0.

Typing and hitting enter is the easy part but where does it go? The status update will appear on your timeline as well as in your friends' News Feed, assuming they haven't unfollowed your posts. Click the down arrow next to "Public" to view a menu of choices including "Friends," "Friends except Acquaintances," or even "Only Me," or "Custom," which lets you customize who sees it (or can't see it) based on pre-configured lists.If you want to categorize that post, use a hashtag or two (or three).A "hashtag" is a word or phrase (without spaces) preceded by a "#," also known as a hash sign.Then, go ahead and link your Facebook and Twitter accounts.The following procedures explain how to set up your automatic posts, and how to discontinue them, should you choose to do so later.

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