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Steve Jobs has been in the news a lot lately for his stance on DRM, and before that for unveiling the much-anticipated i Phone.

Today he's in the news again for a story he'd rather just go away.

Investors are particularly focused on whether the options scandal will hurt Jobs, 52, who co-founded Apple in 1976 and has been the driving force behind Apple's turnaround in recent years.

The maker of the Macintosh computer and the i Pod portable music player has attracted a cult-like following for its innovative products.

"There are times when we will settle with a company or tell a company 'we're not going to sue you,' but that has no bearing on what we might do with individuals." Based in Cupertino, California, south of San Francisco in the heart of Silicon Valley, Apple has said an internal review found two questionable options awarded to Jobs, but found no wrongdoing by current management, including Jobs.

Sources known to the Wall Street Journal are saying that in 2001, Jobs was involved in negotiations at Pixar to furnish Toy Story director John Lasseter with a stock options grant dated three months before the deal was signed.

And it just so happened that the date they selected was a recent low for the stock.

"The inquiry has to be: does the person who is getting something understand the legalities of it," Fagel said.

"There is a big difference between getting a TV off a truck and options accounting." Apple is among dozens of companies under scrutiny for their accounting of stock options granted to executives, including the issue of whether they improperly dated stock options grants to take advantage of a temporary share price decline.

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