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When I arrived at the house my husband called and told me to show the house myself because he could not leave work.So here I was, alone, for the first time in forever. The last time my husband fucked me was about this time last year. She says this is a completely true story: My name is Roja and I am four months pregnant.Raj and Rohan tossed me onto the bare mattress of the bed and Raj got on top.I don't know when they got my panties off, but I didn't have them on any more.I smiled and asked them to come in while explaining that my husband could not make it. Since they did not introduce him, I just made up a name in my head. That is when I felt one of the other two men behind me put his hands on my boobs.The third guy, some kind of hired help, was an older (mid 50's) bearded man with balding head and poorly dressed. As Raj and I were kissing Raj pulled my top down exposing one of my breasts and the one behind me started tugging at my thin bra rather aggressively until the front ripped open fully exposing both of my breasts.

I thought there was no limit to how disgusting this guy could be and, honestly, it kind of turned me on even more.No relatives with me, no children with me, no husband with me. I expected a rich couple to show up, but instead, a car pulled up and three men got out.I was a little shocked that there was no woman with them.While Rohan and I were rubbing our tongues together I could feel Raj's tongue and nose in my pussy. He had slid his finger right up in my asshole and I could see his bald spot from the corner of my eye.I loved the thought that he was loving the taste of my pussy. I was surprised at how easily he got his finger in my virgin ass.

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