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New Belgrade represents the leading business district of the city and the central sectors are food, metallurgic and chemical-pharmacist industries.Due to the troubled political and economic changeover in the 1990s, Belgrade, as the rest of the country, has been severely afflicted by an internationally imposed trade embargo.The historical core of Belgrade, Kalemegdan, was on the right riverbanks.Since 19th Century the city has been expanding to south and east and after the World War II, New Belgrade was built on the left bank of Sava river.Serbian is the official language, part of the group of south Slavic languages; Cyrillic script and Latin script are both officially used and taught in schools.The Serbian Cyrillic has 30 letters (one letter for each phoneme) that makes it unique among scripts.The average temperature varies from 0.4 °C in January to 21.8 °C in July.

Belgrade Coat of Arms The first record of Belgrade coat of arms dates back to 1403 when Belgrade was appointed for the first time capital of the Serbian state, however there are no clues about how it looked like.Geography and Climate The geographic coordinates of the centre of Belgrade (Knez Mihailova Street) are: 44°49’14" of latitude north, 20°27’44" of longitude east and 116.75 m above sea level.The city of Belgrade and its surroundings consist in two different environments: Pannonian plain in the north area and Šumadija in the south area.Economy Belgrade is the economic engine of Serbia and the headquarter of its National Bank.Most of main companies are based in Belgrade such as Telekom Srbija, Jat Airways, Telenor Serbia, Elektroprivreda Srbije , Comtrade group, Komercijalna banka, Delta Holding, Ikarbus.

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