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Company policies, six sigma discipline, or engineering standards determine the need for exacting consistency.

Preventing process errors is the main reasons for writing procedures.

An important aspect of any quality system is to work according to clear-cut Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Some SOPs may have a two-tiered system that includes both procedures and Work Instructions.

When writing a procedure, make sure to answer the key questions: Begin each procedure step with an “action? Make sure each step is distinct and make decision points clear. Procedures are not focused on “how to” information, so they should not be too detailed (see work instructions below).

Procedures use third person language and an active voice construction. Analyze your audience and the information they need. Then define the types of information needed to meet your audience’s needs.

Procedure or work instruction act as controls or countermeasure for identified risks that can create defects, injuries, or nonconformances.

Your standard operating procedures protect your processes from defects and regularly leads to fewer corrective actions.

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