Single mom by choice dating

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I struggled on at home, scrambling to fill the day and clutching on to contact with other adults against the fog of sleep deprivation.

As my son started nursery and I returned to work, I enjoyed using my business brain again, engaging in regular contact with my colleagues and enjoying child-free lunch breaks.

I felt I was done wasting time with men who weren’t ready to have a child and came across the option of co-parenting with a single gay or straight man.

I met a guy who was open to being a known donor or co-parent, and after around a year of attempts at artificial insemination at home, we did IVF together in 2013 but I miscarried.

For the next four weeks, we will be speaking to people at all stages of the fertility journey as well as doctors, lawyers and fertility experts who can shed light on the most important issues.

If you have a story to tell, please do get in touch at [email protected]

I explained that I didn’t need meals brought to me, just some company – and not a single person signed up.

My boyfriend had been so supportive ever since I told him about my quest to become a mum.

It felt humiliating explaining to my NCT group that my partner had left us, and that he wouldn’t be seeing my child either, because there was no relation.

She has, among other things, written the book ‘Solo Mom to a Donor Child – The Decision’.

In this interview, Signe answers questions about her decision and the process of becoming a solo mom by choice to her beautiful daughter.

When I decided to have a baby with the help of a sperm donor, I was ready for the life change that becoming a mother would bring.

No more partying the nights away, or lazy lie-ins nursing my latest hangover.

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