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I was looking for something new, fresh and exciting.I wanted something full of positivity and light.” Let It Shine is the BBC’s response to losing The Voice, which has been bought by ITV and also kicked off on Saturday night.Dannii revealed on Sunday: “I don’t think I’m the only woman to use Botox that way, except a lot of times I think it might be a subconscious thing — that you don’t want people to see how you really feel.“But I’m genuinely happy now.” After everything she’s been through, it is notable that Dannii has taken a job with the BBC, rather than returning to ITV where she launched her British TV career on X Factor.AS Dannii Minogue shimmied on to the Let It Shine stage on Saturday, she was back where she belonged – on a judges’ panel on prime-time British TV.Her return was a triumphant one — finally putting to bed a turbulent six years which have seen her survive a major break-up, a serious health scare and a torrid love affair scandal.

It was a good story that I was this wild child who was jealous of her sister.“All I do know is I have a sister — and a family — who I love very dearly.If there’s something wrong with my sister, I can’t even sleep at night and it’s the same with her about me.” Dannii was instrumental in helping Kylie battle cancer after her diagnosis in 2005 aged just 37.This is still a sticking point for the younger sister of megastar Kylie.In an exclusive interview with The Sun, she revealed: “I haven’t spoken to him and I have no idea what he’s said about the show.

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