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Although, I haven’t tried to date in Silicon Valley, from what I have seen for my friends (also working in a similar space), I believe it is quite hard to date if you are not a white male.By hard, I mean that the a guy would have to be exponentially more qualified/good looking to get a girl who is not even half as good. To delve deeper into the situation, I will share some of the things that I have observed. Okay, maybe no one actually was moving, but bachelorettes all over the country were joking about relocating to Juneau or Sitka because, according to those morning show polls, that's where all the men were.Well, now that distinction seems to have been bestowed upon Silicon Valley.

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It’s called BJ’s, and it’s a mainly West Coast chain of family eateries best known as the home of the Pizookie®. As Amy promised, it was extraordinarily packed for 5 p.m.: families, young women together, older local couples, grown men wearing backpacks, guys drinking beer, glued to the sports on the giant flat-screens.

There is a reason why Silicon Valley needs foreigners.

As another example, you will rarely see a blockhead who lives paycheck to paycheck (or is even broke/jobless) working a blue collar job, without a girlfriend or having difficulty finding one as long as he is somewhat decent looking.

I put my laptop on the table and futzed around on my phone (look at how tech I am!

) while eavesdropping on the two cute Aussies next to me, both of whom were married, which I soon realized.

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