Shoutcast song title not updating

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Finally clients connecting to your server do not need to directly support SHOUTcast 2 as sc_serv will repackage the stream data and any related metadata into the correct format the client requests (typically based on the user agent detected by the server).

One of the key aspects of the new YP2 directory infrastructure is an authorisation key which is used to validate your server when it tries to connect to the YP2 infrastructure for any of the station(s) you run.

If you were intending on taking full advantage of the multiplexing and multiple stream support offered as part of sc_serv then you would need to make sure you enable the SHOUTcast 2 options (this is enabled by default with server builds from the end of 2010 if the 'yp2' option in the configuration file is not specified [see section 4.14 ).

When using an older SHOUTcast 1 server then you do not need to do this registration and the server will still be able to be listed on the directory but there is not the same level of protection over the stream as is the case with registering it.If sc_serv is unable to start due to a dependency issue then you will need to install the correct version of the package so it can run which depends on the version of sc_serv you are attempting to run: 32-bit version: Family ID=a5c84275-3b97-4ab7-a40d-3802b2af5fc2 64-bit version: Family ID=ba9257ca-337f-4b40-8c14-157cfdffee4e When run as a service there is not a good sense of a current working directory so requires all paths in the configuration and playlist files to be fully qualified otherwise lookups will fail when sc_serv is run.If they do not match, there will be a break in the stream and the listener will be disconnected.introfile : File to play when a client first connects to the server [Default = ] Note: This is used globally and also is default for stream #1 on DNAS versions greater than 2.0.

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