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In late 2010, I wrote a short history of Apple Mac malware.Since then there have been some significant developments, so here’s a revised and updated version.

Concept was not written with malicious intent (aside from spreading, it just displayed a message box containing the number “1”) but thousands of macro viruses were to follow, many also affecting Microsoft Office for Mac.

Before we begin, it’s worth recognising that malware on the Mac is a subject which raises strong emotions.

There are some who believe that the problem is overhyped (or even non-existent!

It appears that the first Hyper Card virus was written in 1988.

Running on early versions of Apple’s Mac OS, one Hyper Card virus displayed a message about Michael Dukakis’s US presidential bid before self-destructing: "Greetings from the Hyper Avenger! I was created by a mischievous 14 year old, and am completely harmless. Peace on earth and have a nice day" The MDEF virus (aka Garfield) emerged, infecting application and system files on the Mac.

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